Stillness / Motion


Stillness / Motion

featuring: Jane Adriance and Debbie Pisacreta
This show runs from November 4, 2021 until December 5, 2021
Opening Reception: Saturday, November 6, 4-7 pm

Birds and Beetles

Artists Jane Adriance and Debbie Pisacreta will exhibit paintings in an art exhibition entitled "Stillness / Motion", running November 4 through December 5. An opening reception will be held on Saturday, November 6 from 4-7 pm.

"I find it thrilling to have this title for our exhibit." said Jane. "The contrast of stillness and motion seems to enhance and clarify each of our perspectives. The beauty of stillness in the paintings by Debbie, juxtaposed with my paintings of movement, captures and communicates our ability to look from many points of view. This contrast seems to make our perspectives richer, deeper, and clearer. Come dance or meditate or both …"

Debbie continues to view the world through the eyes of a seasoned plein-air painter. "I'm excited to see my work changing as I move closer to capturing the feelings I have when painting on location. Even though I start by choosing scenes that feel peaceful, the decisions I make about what to enhance and what to leave out strengthen that feeling of serenity and stillness in the finished paintings." This exhibit will include paintings from Monhegan Island in Maine, New York State, and Lambertville and the surrounding area.

An online gallery of the paintings in the exhibit will be available to view at beginning November 4, 2021.