Claudia Fouse Fountaine

The Artists:
fountaineClaudia Fouse Fountaine
Newtown, PA
Phone: 215 962 4256


Edward Hopper once said "If you could say it in words, there’d be no reason to paint". How true! But trying to be objective, I suppose you could say my paintings tend to be colorful and lively, with rarely a straight line. Full of energy, even the inanimate objects seem to be alive. A friend once told me she thought I painted the “chi” around us. I’ll take that description! As far as subjects go, I’m drawn to animals, Nature, light, pattern. But I think a painting’s subject can be just about anything. Bonnard once did a glorious painting of a pile of sardines. I love that.

Different people inevitably respond differently to my work, but I’m lucky that, in general, my paintings tend to be pretty pleasing to the eye. Somewhat sweet; but hopefully with a backbone of strength to them. They’re not just a pile of fluff.

I’ve always painted in acrylic. But people often think my paintings are oils. To me, the medium really isn’t that important. The image itself is the important thing. Those beautiful cave paintings in Lascaux were made of spit and dirt, maybe a little charcoal. But nothing has ever surpassed them.

I have a BFA from Carnegie Mellon University, and an MFA from Pratt Institute. I’ve worked as an illustrator in NYC, and exhibited in galleries in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Philadelphia, Newtown, New Hope, and now Lambertville.
Afternoon on the Lake Chinatown Gift Shop Desert Garden Dogs on a Bed Hawaii the Big Island Lambertville in November Reflections on the Lake Sedona Superstition Mountain The Art Exhibition The Beautiful Pussycat The Dining Room The Flower Shop The Kitchen Window The Puppy Welcome Spring Winter Trees 1 Winter Trees 2