Current Show



featuring: Jane Adriance and Debbie Pisacreta
This show runs from November 5, 2020 until December 6, 2020

The Pandemic, and the resulting quarantine, forced each of us to be isolated more. For Jane Adriance and Debbie Pisacreta, this was a time of quiet reflection which affected the kind of paintings they produced, and the emotions they felt when painting.

"The title of this exhibit seems very fitting for me," said Jane. "Since last March with the pandemic 'shut down' and my isolation I needed to stop and reflect about the life I had taken for granted. While life seemed so sad and frightening to so many others as well as myself ... I discovered a silver lining. In my appreciation for being alive, I followed a dream (with no excuses now) to return to the sensual use of painting with oils. I had been painting with watercolors for many decades. I was ready for this challenge and new perspective. 

I am hoping you will enjoy my first exhibit of these oil paintings as much as I am grateful to have opened this door for me again."
Jane Adriance
"Shall We Dance"
oil painting
Jane Adriance
"Leaning In"
oil painting

Debbie has always found her inspiration and joy from plein air painting, but that joy was heightened during this last six months. "I was fortunate that I could continue to paint Plein air while still maintaining social distancing. Painting was a respite from all of the sadness and anxiety surrounding the Pandemic and its effects. It gave me a chance to feel peace and to be grateful for the beauty of my surroundings.

I am hopeful that that feeling of serenity is translated to the viewer."
Debbie Pisacreta
"July Sun"
oil painting
Debbie Pisacreta
"Good Day Sunshine"
oil painting

Click here to view an online gallery of the paintings in this exhibit.