Current Show


New Beginnings

featuring: Claudia Fouse Fountaine, Joe Kazimierczyk, Alan Klawans and Michael Schweigart
This show runs from January 6, 2022 until February 6, 2022
Opening Reception: Saturday, January 8, 3-5 pm


It feels like a new beginning for all of us, maybe more than usual this year. And for these 4 artists what does it mean? Pursuing their craft, honing their skills, perhaps continuing to chase that perfect image in their minds' eye. Landscapes from Joe Kazimierczyk, Michael Schweigart and Claudia Fouse Fountaine, and always a surprise from Alan Klawans. Come in and check out the beauty of nature as translated by these four very different artists.

These are a few of the pieces that will be on display:
Claudia Fouse Fountaine
Joe Kazimierczyk
"Miles To Go"
Alan Klawans
"A Scallop"
Michael Schweigart
"Overlook From Trailhead"