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Looking Forward

featuring: Richard Harrington and Alla Podolsky
This show runs from February 4, 2021 until February 28, 2021

Looking Forward: Alla Podolsky and Rich Harrington

Paintings by gallery artists Richard Harrington and Alla Podolsky featuring work in watercolor, acrylic, and oil.   "Looking Forward" reflects the feeling of optimism both artists convey in their works as we move into a new year and closer to Spring.

A native of Kiev, Ukraine, Alla Podolsky creates work that can seem dreamlike. "If I were to distill what I do as an artist, I would say I paint experiences. We have collectively gone through a lot this past year, and I feel the need to impart past experiences of shared warmth, of joyful moments that ground us in difficult times. I like to think of my work as hopeful. Bright settings, vibrant colors, warm undertones. It’s my way of trying to lift some of the burden for my audience." She traces her love of psychological and narrative painting to the Byzantine-style iconography that is so prominent in that city.

Richard Harrington, from Newtown PA, finds inspiration for his work in the mid-20th Century finned and chromed creations from American auto makers. "I have always been fascinated by vehicles" he said. "I enjoy taking back roads and side streets, hoping to find cars, trucks, and different vehicles that have been left idle and shows the effect of the elements and time upon them. These are the starting points for my paintings. The works I created for this show represent the change of seasons, something I am always looking forward to. Each one brings it’s own unique color and light, and inspires me to create new work."

Morning In Chelsea Alla Podolsky
"Morning In Chelsea"
oil on canvas

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, there will be no opening reception.