Debbie Pisacreta

The Artists:
pisacretaDebbie Pisacreta
Lambertville, NJ
Phone: 609-397-2879


I am in love with my town. There is a feeling of gentleness that comes from the visual beauty of the river, the surrounding farms, and the architecture of the homes and buildings that have existed since the late 1800s.

I find the images I paint during my walks around the town or on my bicycle rides through the surrounding area. I am usually drawn to a scene not only by the qualities of light and color it has but also by the calm or quiet feeling it inspires in me.

I paint on location as much as possible and often make multiple sketches and studies for my painting until I feel I have captured my emotional connection with the scene. My goal is to create a visual story that communicates the feeling of that place and time.
Granite Street, oil painting Grey House, oil painting Lobster Fishing Pier, oil painting Meditation, oil painting Through The Trees, oil painting View From Sunset Hill, oil painting Where The World Stands Still, oil painting