A Clear Light


A Clear Light

featuring: Gail Bracegirdle and Claudia Fouse Fountaine
This show runs from January 7, 2021 until January 31, 2021

A Clear Light: Gail Bracegirdle and Claudia Fouse Fountaine

Artists' Gallery will be showing work by Gail Bracegirdle and Claudia Fouse Fountaine from January 7 to 31 in the exhibition "A Clear Light."

Gail Bracegirdle enjoys working in watercolors because of the environmentally sensitive nature of the medium. She likes to experiment with various textures and types of watercolor papers and pigments to create specific effects. The subjects vary, depending on each day’s distractions.
Gail Bracegirdle
"Color Fall"

Claudia Fouse Fountaine is an award-winning Bucks County artist known for her colorful depictions of animals, interiors, and local landscapes. This show features all new work from her, done during the pandemic. Smaller in scale than usual, these paintings reflect a somewhat distilled vision, or a "clearer light."
Claudia Fouse Fountaine
"Hydrangea in September"
acrylic on board

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, there will be no opening reception.