Creating Joy


Creating Joy

featuring: Alla Podolsky and Carol Sanzalone
This show runs from August 5, 2021 until September 5, 2021
Meet the artists: Saturday, August 7, 2021, 2-5 pm

In Between: Joe Kazimierczyk and Michael Schweigart

The beauty of people and places inspires the work of exhibiting Artists’ Gallery members, Alla Podolsky and Carol Sanzalone. Captivated by the human narrative of life and the inherent graphic drama of the environment in which we live, the colorful and creative paintings showcased during the month of August are inspirational as they joyfully engage the viewer.

Podolsky, a native of Kiev, Ukraine, chooses to paint people and their environments in a wide range of settings. Her oil paintings feature a variety of situations and individuals, capturing their thoughts and moods. She describes herself as a “human painter,” exploring the interactions between reality and imagination, constructing creative visual narratives.

Sanzalone, painting in watercolor and acrylic on paper and canvas, creates vibrant and joyous images. Water media gives her the ability to enliven a subject with transparent washes of color. She feels inspired by the graphic interaction of natural forms, color and textures, as they are affected by shadow and light. These fascinating elements of the visual world inspire her paintings.

Alla Podolsky and Carol Sanzalone will be on hand at the gallery on Saturday August 7th from 2 to 5 pm. Please join them to meet the artists and discuss their showcased work on exhibit.