Lyrical 2021


Lyrical 2021

Gallery Group Show
This show runs from March 4, 2021 until April 4, 2021

Lyrical 2021

What every creative person does we do every month - we begin again. Sometimes our Art comes from great locations revisited sometimes it is the newly discovered - but always it is a new way of seeing - a fresh interpretation of our world as we see or imagine it. That means that each month there are sixteen or more works we have not shown before - sixteen or more ways for our guests to refine their own taste and to discover what is most appealing to them. Sixteen or more ways to explore the possibility for enriching your life.

Oscar Wilde said it best: "The fastest way to transform your life is to surround yourself with beauty."

That is why we paint and why we show our work.

In March we will enhance the visual appeal of the Art by adding next to each work a poem or song lyric chosen by the artist. We are always happy to answer questions about materials, techniques, and motivations. Please stop by - explore, see for yourself.

Here are just a few of the pieces in this show:
Beatrice Bork
Watercolor and Gouache
Bill Jersey
"Sweet Land of Liberty"
oil on canvas
Joe Kazimierczyk
"Winter on the Sourland"
oil on board