Water Works


Water Works

featuring: Beatrice Bork and Joe Kazimierczyk
This show runs from May 4, 2023 until June 4, 2023
Opening Reception: Saturday, May 6, 5-8 pm

Water Works

Artists' Gallery is proud to announce our upcoming exhibition, "Water Works," a transformative journey through the element of water. The exhibit features the watercolors of renowned animal artist, Beatrice Bork, and the landscapes of award-winning oil painter, Joe Kazimierczyk. Meet the artists at their opening reception on May 6, from 5–8 pm, and gain a deeper understanding of their creative processes, inspirations, and techniques.
Beatrice Bork / Lifers
Beatrice Bork
watercolor and gouache

"The exhibition showcases a thought-provoking collection of paintings that delve into the fluidity and transience of water as seen through the eyes of our talented artists. We are confident that the artworks will captivate and uplift our visitors," remarked the gallery spokesperson.

Joe Kazimierczyk / Hacklebarney Morning
Joe Kazimierczyk
"Hacklebarney Morning"
oil on board

Water in its many forms is a never ending source of inspiration for artists who thrive on creating work based on nature. Bork’s style utilizes the diverse capabilities of watercolor to bring her wildlife to life by capturing a moment in time, while Kazimierczyk's striking oil paintings capture the dramatic beauty of rivers and waterfalls. Water is a multifaceted element, and through their vision, we invite you to visit and enjoy the sense of wonder, reverence, and connection to the natural world these artists evoke.

See more of the artists' work and read more about them on their websites, www.beatricebork.com and www.joekaz.com.