The Artists:
November, 2019


featuring: Joe Kazimierczyk and Joseph Zogorski
This show runs from November 7, 2019 until December 1, 2019
Opening Reception: Saturday, Nov 9, 4-7pm


Artists' Gallery is pleased to present "Quietude", an exhibit of landscape paintings by Joe Kazimierczyk and photographs by Joseph Zogorski.

Quietude is defined as the state of being calm; peacefulness; stillness; tranquility. The artwork of Kazimierczyk and Zogorski embodies this feeling as each artist finds his inspiration in the quiet and serenity of the world around us - it's there if you look for it!

Joe Kazimierczyk's oil paintings are inspired by the scenes he encounters while exploring the mountains and forests of northern New Jersey. An avid hiker, his work in this show focuses on the trails, rivers and streams he finds in parks ranging from the Sourland Mountains to the Delaware Water Gap, and points in between.

For Joseph Zogorski, pockets of remaining rural countryside in his native Bucks County and contiguous regions of New Jersey often impart a sense of reflection and serenity. The lives of his ancestors- who settled here in the early 1900s- and their stories of living in a community closely tied to the land, plus imaginings of the native people who lived here previously, often help to inform his image making.

Take a break from the hectic world this November and experience some "Quietude" at Artists' Gallery.