Dreaming in Color


Dreaming in Color

featuring: Debbie Pisacreta and Maxine Shore
This show runs from August 8, 2019 until September 1, 2019
Opening Reception: Saturday August 10, 5-7 pm

Dreaming in Color
Fine artists Debbie Pisacreta and Maxine Shore will exhibit paintings expressing their personal visions in this show.

"The title of this show, Dreaming in Color, expresses my remembrance of things past." says Shore. "My visions of places or events I have experienced, seen through my mind's eye, are conveyed in the vivid colors that I love to use in my work. Areas of New York city, scenes of my travels through Europe and the US, recollections of places I have lived come rushing back to me when selecting the subjects of my paintings. I am grateful that I have had a chance to capture these memories and hope you will enjoy exploring them through my paintings."

Pisacreta says "I have always had an emotional response to color. When painting on location I am fascinated by the subtle shifts in color and how the colors change in different lighting conditions and in relationship to other colors in the scene. My paintings are my attempt at creating a visual language that expresses the colors, shapes and emotions I feel while observing a specific location."

Debbie Pisacreta specializes in plein-air landscapes. She is usually drawn to a scene not only by the qualities of light and color it has, but also by the calm or quiet feeling it inspires within her. Her goal is to create a visual story that communicates her emotional connection to a specific time and place. Debbie's work has been exhibited in local juried art shows and plein-air events, where she has won several awards. She is also a painting instructor at the Arts Council of Princeton.

Maxine Shore is an award-winning oil painter who has exhibited her work throughout the United States and is included in many private, public and corporate collections. Using color and light in an effort to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary, she is more interested in interpreting how a place makes her feel than simply reproducing how it looks. Inspiration for her paintings often comes from travel to places near and far that spark her imagination. One of her paintings depicting an Italian town was prominently featured in the New York Times.