Memoirs of Shadow and Light

The Artists:
September, 2018

Memoirs of Shadow and Light

featuring: Claudia Fouse Fountaine and Laura Rutherford Renner
This show runs from September 6, 2018 until September 30, 2018
Opening Reception: Saturday, September 8, 5-8 pm

Memoirs of Shadow and Light
This is the first time that Laura Rutherford Renner and Claudia Fouse Fountaine will be exhibiting their work together as featured artists at Artists' Gallery. Both are painters whose work celebrates the everyday world around them in realistic terms.

Claudia Fouse Fountaine is an award winning local artist whose work can be seen in Pennsylvania as well as New Jersey. With a Master’s degree in fine art, a background as a docent at Princeton Art Museum, and a history of teaching Art Appreciation in elementary schools, Fountaine has a wealth of information and ideas to fall back on.

Laura Rutherford Renner is an artist whose paintings on wood depict contemporary life in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Her work has been included in various juried exhibitions, recently at the iconic Philadelphia Sketch Club. In addition to her painting career, Laura is a practicing Occupational Therapist. This show runs from September 6th through September 30th, with the Opening Reception on September 8th from 5-8.