Points of View


Points of View

featuring: Carol Sanzalone and Michael Schweigart
This show runs from September 7, 2017 until October 1, 2017
Opening Reception: Saturday, September 9, 4-7 pm
Closing Tea and Conversation: Sunday, October 1, 3-6 pm

Points of View - Carol Sanzalone and Michael Schweigart
"Points of View" - Artists' Gallery, Lambertville, NJ - September exhibit, featuring work by member artists Carol Sanzalone and Michael Schweigart. Painting images of the natural world with unique and personal "Points of View", both artists share a creative delight in capturing an image with glorious color and marvelous textures.

Working in watercolor and acrylic, Carol focuses on the graphic quality of the subject of a painting, using transparent washes of color. The way that natural light and shadows enliven and enrich everyday images, and create wonderful shapes and textures, inspires her work. Carol's paintings have been exhibited widely in solo, group and invitational exhibits. She has taught art and worked in Graphic Design for many years. When she creates a work, or considers a subject, she is always drawing on that history.

Traveling near and far, Michael is inspired by things he encounters along the way. He works in acrylic and oil approaching subjects from his unique perspective. Schweigart combines technique and medium to craft paintings that depict cityscapes, seascapes and bucolic landscapes. His works display texture and atmosphere, with a presence of man and a sense of place. Michael has been exhibiting his work in galleries and museums throughout the northeast and beyond for over thirty years.

The edge of a grassy field, the transparent reflected colors of the season or a still life from nature, are images that Carol and Michael explore, each with a personal creative vision and unique approach to developing a point of view. This exhibit, on display from Thursday September 7 to Sunday October 1, 2017, is not to be missed!