The Artists:
June, 2015


featuring: Gail Bracegirdle and Paul Grecian
This show runs from June 4, 2015 until July 5, 2015
Opening Reception: Saturday, June 6, 5-8pm

Do artists really see the world differently, or do they just need to express themselves in different ways? Artists' Gallery's June two-person show featuring the works of painter Gail Bracegirdle and fine art photographer Paul Grecian will deal with how artists "see" their subjects. The show, which is titled "Observations," runs from Thursday, June 4, through Sunday, July 6, 2015. There will be an opening reception on Saturday, June 6, from 5-8pm with light refreshments and a chance to meet the artists.

For Gail Bracegirdle, the most important inspiration for her artwork is "looking at the subject and being able to study it carefully." Each of her paintings -- whether a floral, garden scene, landscape or still life -- is approached in a similar way. "I always aim for accuracy, but composition is also very important," Bracegirdle informs. "Even my abstract paintings begin by focusing on a small fragment of a subject that has caught my attention." She also adds, "I always find painting like this a rather meditative process."

It is the careful study of their subjects and the meditative approach to their work which ties the art of Bracegirdle and Grecian together in this show.

"Observation is the first step in the creative process," asserts Paul Grecian who has been a gallery member since 2009. Grecian continues "I have always been drawn to details and inspired by nature." An interest in nature led Grecian to a degree in Psycho-biology and a career in industry. But 12 years ago that same interest led to a career change to the arts. In this group of works for sale are selected pieces that reflect individual moments, impressions and inspirations. "They are tied together in that way," Grecian says, "rather than by their subject matter or content."