Curves Ahead


Curves Ahead

featuring: Alan Klawans and Andrew Werth
This show runs from May 7, 2015 until May 31, 2015
Opening Reception: Saturday, May 9, 4-7pm

Curves Ahead
Artists' Gallery is pleased to present "Curves Ahead," an exhibition featuring the art of Alan J. Klawans and Andrew Werth.

For years, Alan J. Klawans has been using photographs from his travels around the world as inspiration for his paintings and digital artwork. In "Curves Ahead", he exhibits the photographs themselves, focusing his lens on street graphics, the arrows and lines on the road that help tell us which way to go. "I find it visually exciting to study these markings that, in their unique way, control our everyday behavior," says Klawans. "Sometimes it's their directness, other times it's their state of decay that captures my eye."

Andrew Werth's abstract acrylic paintings are full of tiny curves, individually hand-painted maze-like marks of color that combine optically to form even larger curves and other shapes. For instance, in "Sierpinski Squared", he uses a triangular fractal with symmetric reflections as the framework for one of his paintings. Several of his paintings are structured around Turing patterns, biomorphic shapes that occur in nature and which were first proposed by British mathematician Alan Turing. Werth explains, "When I bring mathematical concepts into my artwork, the painting process is almost like trying to both design and solve a puzzle and I ask myself: How will I be able to lay the paint down to achieve the effect I'm looking for?"

Alan J. Klawans is an award-winning artist whose work is included in the collections of many prominent institutions including the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the American Institute of Graphic Arts, and the Pennsylvania Historical Society. Before his long career as a designer and art director, he studied graphic design at the Philadelphia College of Art. Klawans lives in Willow Grove, PA.

Andrew Werth received degrees in Computer Engineering and Information Networking from Carnegie Mellon University and has studied art at various schools in New York City including The Arts Students League, The School of Visual Arts, and The New School. Werth lives in West Windsor, NJ.