Maxine Shore

The Artists:
shoreMaxine Shore
East Windsor, NJ
Phone: 609-443-3718


I am a colorist and a luminist. Using color and light, I hope to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. I am inspired to paint scenes familiar and unfamiliar because I’m dazzled by their color and light as well as the unique feelings I have from being surrounded by unexpected beauty.

Even when a painting is representational, there exits an abstract dynamic below the surface that I want to capture. Exploring the interplay of shapes, patterns of lights and darks, and composition all contribute to the final outcome.

So many moments escape our notice because we are caught up in the ordinariness of daily life. My purpose in painting is to freeze those fleeting scenes and invite you to share them with me.

Wellfleet, oil Breeze, oil Colorful Houses, oil Courtyard, oil Early Morning Walk on the Towpath, oil Ghost Ranch Morning, oil Golden Hour Evening, oil New York Afternoon, oil Provincetown Harbor, oil Red Barn On Towpath, oil Summer by the Lake, oil Summer, oil