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Patricia Lange

The Artists:
Patricia Lange
Hopewell, NJ
Phone: 609 466 1586

I am basically a self-taught artist and I see my work as a process of experimentation. Always something new, never repeating exactly the same piece, my work is unique and reflects spontaneity. I think art often comes from accident.

My connection with the materials is expressed by the creative process that transforms lifeless pieces of metal into artistic works conveying new identity and new meaning. This transformation is part of my own transformation, finding new meaning in my life. Metal and clay run parallel in my life. My love for the earth and nature and for the colors of simple things expresses itself in my art, making my clay work inviting to the touch and eye. The warmth and the richness of the colors in my terra cotta pieces make them unique, signature pieces.

My work is installed in many corporations, such as: Bristol-Myers Squibb, New Jersey Hospital Association, Weyerhaeuser Co., 101 Carnegie Center, Princeton Unitarian Church, Curacao Trading Co., Shoemaker USA, Inc. and several private collections.