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Charlie Katzenbach

The Artists:
Charlie Katzenbach
Hopewell, NJ
Phone: 609 466 9241

Charlie Katzenbach works with oil paints on glass panes in a unique manner painting layers of geometric shapes on different levels. This causes the interrelationships on the picture plane to shift as the viewer’s perspective changes. She also works with mirrors and the properties of glass to form a visual experience where color floats, reflects & travels through and around the surfaces to exude a pulsing complex system. Charlie studied art at Princeton University with painter, Esteban Vincente and master potter, Toshiko Takaezu, then afterwards at the New York Studio School. She was featured in "New Art International" 2004 and has exhibited in solo and group shows throughout the Northeast.
oil on glass oil on glass oil on glass oil on glass oil on glass Free Sailing, oil on glass Logrhythm, oil on glass Mesopetanian Memories, oil on glass Self-portrait, oil on glass