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Andrew Werth

The Artists:
Andrew Werth
Princeton Junction, NJ
Phone: 609 275 7420

I have long been interested in how the mind works, so it is not surprising that the subjects informing most of my abstract art would be philosophy of mind and cognitive science. In particular, my recent paintings deal with the embodied mind, a contemporary theory of mind which says that the way we think about the world is directly shaped by the physical nature of our bodies and that our abstract reasoning processes are largely metaphorical. My paintings are born through a deliberative process that consists of thousands of individual brushstrokes applied one at a time. These marks are reminiscent of the mazes I drew as a child and they are also "brainy," which is appropriate for this series and also for my own personality. The "mazes" represent paths and interconnections (for these drawings do not "dead end", and all paths interconnect) and they provide a structure in which to explore perceptual effects and the interaction of color.